Saturday June 9,  2018

Starting at 08:00 and ending around 14:00~15:00 at:
Trumbull County Rod & Gun Club
6565 Phillips-Rice Road
Cortland (Mecca), Ohio 44410

This approximate 6-hour clinic will cover the Garand-Springfield-Vintage Matches with classroom instruction and demonstrations. This clinic is conducted by Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Master Instructors. Topics include Springfield-Vintage Military Match rules, shooting positions and techniques, scoring and pit pulling procedures and how to fire the Military Rifle Match courses of fire. The clinic is open to all competitors. Any potential competitors in the Springfield, Vintage Military or Garand Matches who have not previously fired in one of these CMP national matches are required to attend a clinic (or local sanctioned match) before they fire. All other competitors in these matches are encouraged to attend and take advantage of the information presented. Range time will take approximately 1-hour per group of 10 shooters (max positions available at range per time).

The cost of the clinic for TCRG members is $65, and we will supply (35 rounds) of surplus 30.06 ammo or .30 carbine ammo and targets. You are free to bring your own foreign service bolt-action rifle and ammunition to the clinic and range for a deduct of $25. Non-TCRG member charges are $80 for the supplied ammo route and $55 for the bring-your-own. Targets will be provided either way. Loaner rifles will be on-hand, although quantity and types may vary. No Sporting Rifles, scoped rifles or “sporterized” military rifles please…this course of fire is for 200 yards (we may use reduced-size targets at 100 yards) with open iron sights on as-issued military rifles.


Ammo supplied by TCRG: Costs Bring your own ammo:
TCRG members $65.00 $40.00
Non-TCRG member $80.00 $55.00

The CMP Service Rifle clinic is designed to foster the use of military service rifles in a relaxed competitive atmosphere. This is only a clinic and not a true match, however, actual range time is involved and a 30-round course of fire will take place (under match specifications).

Our goal is to have fun, educate shooters as to match activities and enable as many people as possible to purchase M1s and other service rifles from the CMP (this clinic satisfies the marksmanship participation portion of purchase requirements – must be US citizen, show proof of age, be a member in a CMP-affiliated club, participate in marksmanship activity, and be legally eligible to purchase a firearm – visit for more details on rifle purchases).

Bring your own “eyes and ears” (we may have loaners, but can’t guarantee enough for all). If you have any match shooting equipment, please bring it for you and to share.

Suggestions for other equipment to bring for range time include:
• Section of rug/carpeting 36″x72″ to lay on for prone shooting position (or shooting mat)
• Spotting scope and stand capable of reaching out 200 yards
• Shoulder pad for recoil sensitive shooters (or shooting coat)
• Leather or canvas military sling on each rifle
• Shooting glove/hat

If you don’t have shooting equipment, don’t worry, that’s how we all start! There is no age limit or restriction…plenty of youths are shooting up at Camp Perry, but we do ask that any youths be accompanied by an adult/relative and that they have familiarity with these types of firearms and have attended a state organized hunting class or some firearms training.

The clinic is open to all competitors. Please contact the following instructors for pre-registration (recommended since maximum clinic participation will be limited to 10-15 shooters – FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED).

Show up to the gun club on-time or a little early for sign in and set-up. Class starts promptly at 08:30.

Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Master Instructors:
Liam McEvoy – (330) 770-6359
Doug Seaborn – (330) 583-2687

Thanks for your interest in the shooting sports, and we hope to see you on the range!

2015 GSM Clinic Flyer

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