About Us

Thank you for visiting Trumbull County Rod & Gun Club!

Our club is located at 6565 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland, Ohio 44410. Meetings are held on first Thursday of every month at 8:00pm. If you are interested in learning more about our club, or in becoming a member, feel free to attend one of our meetings or other public events.

Our club has a variety of amenities and events for the enjoyment of our members and their families.

Facilities include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Archery Range
  • 3D Outdoor Archery Course – 30 targets
  • Rifle & Pistol Range with Clay Target Throwers
  • Stocked Fishing Pond
  • Club House & Pavilion
  • Pheasant Pens

Throughout the year, we have a variety of events for sportsmen, youth, and families, including:

  • Annual Banquet
  • Trader’s Day (Swap-meet & Gun Show)
  • Jake’s Day (Youth Hunting/Outdoors Event in cooperation with Ohio Dept of Natural Resources)
  • Youth Fishing Derbies
  • Youth Archery Programs
  • Hunter Education Courses for Adults and Youth
  • Youth/Adult Pheasant Hunts
  • Citizen’s Marksmanship Program (CMP) Garand-Springfield-Military Vintage Service Rifle Competition Clinics
  • Ohio Concealed Carry (CCW) Training Classes
  • Sight-In Days
  • Family Picnics

For more information, please contact our club officers:

  • Jeff Murray – President – 330-442-1314
  • Ron Duchon – Vice President  –  330-373-9010

Our Organization

Established in 1957, Trumbull County Rod & Gun Club is a legal non-profit organization, founded in the State of Ohio.

Our Purpose

The basic purpose of this organization shall be:

  • to develop sportsmanship, friendship, and sociability among its members.
  • to further those characteristics of Americanism, Honesty, Appreciation, and the respect for the rights of others, which are the very foundation of sportsmanship in this, or any other land of free men.
  • to purchase as much upland small game, to purchase or raise as the club can afford, and to release this game on club grounds, or land open by permission to public hunting in the county.
  • to encourage and purchase wildlife habitat, and promote conservation of natural resources and land mangement practices that support wildlife propagation.
  • to support the preservation of our 2nd Amendment freedoms.
  • to support state game laws and demand that all others be required to do the same.
  • to organize and conduct various youth and adult educational programs related to hunting, shooting, fishing, conservation, wildlife habitat, and firearms training.
  • to purchase, construct, and maintain the appropriate facilities, structures, and real property to carry on the activities and programs planned by the organization, for both youth and adults; including such activities as hunting and fishing; rifle, shotgun, black powder, and handgun shooting; archery; and dog training

Organizational Documents

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